Each one of our models offers our customers a wide range of choices of optional configurations and accessories. Refer to the chart below to begin customizing one of our Vanguard Loaders to best meet your needs.

Available Options     (  * = recommended)
Chelsea 440 PTO * Chelsea 880 PTO
 Operator Brush Guard (hydraulic)
(Future W.C.B. Requirement) 
Steel (Sloped Lid) Toolbox,
installed behind Picker
 Premier Pintle Hook on Tower  Enclosed Operator Cab
*Twin electric fan oil cooler Swinglock Assembly (Dual)
 Air Operated
Swinglock Assembly (Single)
*Automatic electronic
fan-control for cooler
* Front Bumper Reinforcement Extra Lights on Boom (Qty 2)
Float Valves installed on
Swing and Main Boom
Alum. Alberta Wide Load
Clearance Lights
Chrome Cylinder Package Single Rail Frame Insertion (if req’d)
Custom paint colours  Hydraulic oil tank heater
Foot-controlled extension (extenda-jib models only)
Available Grapple Options     (  * = recommended)
  370° Rotation Continuous Rotation
38" Pole Grapple Yes No
44" Pole Grapple Yes Yes *
44" Twin-Pin Pole Grapple Yes Yes
1/3rd Cord Pulpwood Grapple Yes Yes