Maximum rated lifting capacity @ 10 foot radius: 28,000 lbs.
Boom Reach: 32 feet
Cylinders Bore / Rod

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Main Boom 7" X 3.5"
Jib Boom 6" X 3"
Stabilizers 6" X 3"

Normal Operating Pressure: 2,750 psi
Main Boom, Jib Boom and Cylinder Pins: 2.5" Diam.
"Super Impacto" case hardened to Rc50 (Tough core, hard surface)
Turntable Bearing: 39"
Reservoir Capacity: 112 (US Gal.)
Hydraulic Pump Rated Flow & Pressure @ 1200 RPM: 75 gallons per minute @ 3000 psi

Note - 44" Continuous Rotation Grapple is standard (This allows the proper folding of the unit for transportation purposes). If a 1/3rd Cord Pulp Grapple is installed, the loader must be used with a front bumper mounted grapple horn.